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- Value added means added value, not added cost -



The basic definition of value addition says it’s any factor added to a product to increase its value or price. In reality value addition can be split into three sections: presales, support sales for Channel Partners and post sales.


This is one aspect of value addition, and this is as important as either sales or post sales support, and especially so when a new product is launched in the channel.
Many partners enter the market without a clear understanding about the pros and cons of the business. That is where a value added distributor can play a lead role by enabling them to understand the pitfalls in terms of deliverables or credit.
As the true value-added distributor, NAPCO empowers the channel by educating them about new products, invests in marketing campaigns, and more importantly, ensures that the product is available across Europe.


Support Sales for Channel Partner
As a true value added distributor, we can help the partner to access business opportunities, which it may not be able to do on its own due to geographical or financial restrictions. For instance, large tender queries can be addressed more effectively through distributor participation. Since a small reseller may not be able to comply with these requirements the distributor can step in to fulfill the demand.
We work closely with our partners, enabling them to expand their product portfolio and achieve higher profits with sales incentive programs and trainings.


Post Sales
As the true value added distributor, NAPCO has systems in place to track products under warranty, and takes steps to be closer to the channel partner as well as the end customer.
Our value addition doesn’t end with sales, it extends to the post delivery phase as well. We put our systems in place to provide support at the lowest cost, and ensure that the entire supply chain function as a single entity.


With decades of experience from the Board of Manager, a skilled team of bodyboarders, surfers and skaters and access to the best design tools available, we increase distribution through a wide range of professional services. NAPCO has all the competence and experience required to successfully deploy high performance system as customer’s demand. Our team of professionals guarantees your company will benefit from this, while giving you the best service and support the market has to offer.


Exclusive Brand Portfolio

A unique portfolio of exclusive brands that provides an unbeatable combination of freshness and quality.

Selective Distribution Network

Making the right decisions to optimize brand visibility and turnover.

Creative Marketing

Includes Virality and advanced Community Management.

Smart Price Positioning

Defining the right Price Point for each product is a major key to a brand’s success

Trend Setting

Leaders, not followers. Always making sure to be ahead of one’s time.

Reactive Logistics

Integrated ERP + Warehouse Management Systems ensures optimum service for retailers.

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