Ransom’s innovative products are developed and manufactured with passion and drive to enable surfers to push the limits and explode with incredible performances.  When everything’s on the line in big waves, or when just out ripping everyday surf, Ransom’s world class team Ezekiel Lau, Melanie Bartels, Asher Pacey, Dane Pioli and Jen Smith rely on Ransom’s superior traction with aggressive bumps to push the limits with every maneuver.


Ransom’s product design team has pulled out all the stops to make a more complete wax for today’s super high performance aerial surfing. Only natural, eco-friendly materials – soy, beeswax, and tree resins – are used for the ultimate in both environmental protection and product performance.


As ocean and air temperatures change so should your wax; Ransom has added a different color spec in each of our 5 formulas (Cold=Purple, Cool=Blue, Warm=Orange, Tropical=Yellow, Base=Green), so you can confidently know exactly what is under your feet.


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