Pride Bodyboards

From a small workshop in Biarritz in 1999, Pride Bodyboards quickly expanded to the European market before exploding internationally onto the Australian market in 2006. Through an innovative promotion campaign, Pride Bodyboards managed to penetrate the most dynamic bodyboarding market in the world and developed a team based on youth, performance & innovation.

These three values still represent Pride Bodyboards’ main asset. All products, thanks to an intensive R&D, and team riders must match these criteria. Pride Bodyboards also launched its famous slogan “Here comes the future” in 2007 and became an international leader in the bodyboarding industry.

Pride Bodyboards makes sure to keep a massive international outreach in emerging and mature markets thanks to an excellent brand image and to its main team rider Pierre-Louis Costes (2x World Champion). Meanwhile, the company still keeps in mind its initial values and focuses on rising stars such as South-African Tristan Roberts and West-Australian Lewy Finnegan.

Pride Bodyboards Catalog

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