Vulcan Fins

After two years of research & development, Pride Bodyboards launched its first fins’ ranges, the Vulcan V1 and V2. “We have almost tested every bodyboard swimfin available to the market. This study has allowed us to identify what the bodyboard swimfin performance criteria were.” commented Jeremy Arnoux.

The foot pocket has been designed to reduce friction in order to avoid skin irritation, guaranteeing maximum comfort

The 3density elastomer® technology available on the V2 models offers improved propulsion performance. It is the most suitable model for powerful and experienced bodyboarders. The two densities of the V1 model allow having the perfect flex for long sessions or in cold water.

Approved by Pierre-Louis Costes, Tristan Roberts, Lewy Finnegan and Maxime Castillo, the Vulcan Fins quickly became a must have for any bodyboarder.

Available in various colors, the Vulcan Fins V1 & V2 will blend perfectly with the PRIDE boards range.

Vulcan Fins Catalog

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